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Which animal are you?

Which animal are you?

3 months ago

Let’s face it, energy is a pretty intangible thing, and it isn’t easy for people to see the impact they’re having by switching to renewables. That’s why we’re experimenting with different ways to show Bulb members what a great thing they’re doing by going green. The…


Plumen: Watts Nott to like?

4 months ago

At Bulb, we love companies that make reducing energy usage simple and appealing. Plumen, a London based designer of innovative low energy lighting, is one such company. Plumen was founded by Nicolas Roope, Michael-George Hemus and Ronnie Renton in 2010. Their mission is to “inspire the…


Refer a Friend: Give £50 + Get £50

12 months ago

Calling all Bulbites! We’ve made it easier and more rewarding to share the Bulb love with your friends, family, interns, colleagues, and anyone you see on the street with your own personalised referral link. We’ve also set the rewards HIGH. Right now, if you refer a friend you get…

new years resolutions

List of New Years resolutions… from easiest to hardest

1 year ago

New Years resolutions are difficult. It’s hard to find one that seems meaningful enough, but also isn’t so ridiculous that you’re never going to keep it up. Honestly, has anyone ever really kept up their resolution to go for a brisk morning run twice a week…

home for the holidays, helping the parents

Home for the holidays… better sort out the parents

1 year ago

Going home for the holidays means more than just a slightly more full fridge, it also comes with removing the viruses that riddle your parents computers and sorting out their broadband. You should also sort out their energy while you’re at it. Chances are, statistically speaking,…