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Which animal are you?

Which animal are you?

3 months ago

Let’s face it, energy is a pretty intangible thing, and it isn’t easy for people to see the impact they’re having by switching to renewables. That’s why we’re experimenting with different ways to show Bulb members what a great thing they’re doing by going green. The…


Happy Paris Agreement Anniversary!

5 months ago

One year ago this week, the Paris Climate Change Agreement, was signed by 195 countries. It was a tremendous global achievement, with former United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon calling it a “monumental triumph for people and our planet.” Check out this video we made reflecting on…


Trump: “I have a problem with wind”

5 months ago

In a recent interview with the New York Times, President-elect Trump claimed there are three reasons to oppose wind power. Perhaps unsurprisingly, we disagree with each of them. We thought we’d break them down and add some facts to a discussion that threatens to undermine one…


The end of fossil fuels? Solar, storage and ‘The Switch’

6 months ago

Last week, award-winning author Chris Goodall came to Second Home. Promoting his latest book ‘The Switch’ he gave a fascinating talk about solar energy and storage. Hayden Wood, Bulb’s co-founder, held a Q&A with Chris. There were some great contributions from a packed room full of…

Energy Wholesale Prices

Wholesale energy: what’s going on and why it matters

7 months ago

Wholesale energy costs make up around 40% of most people’s energy bills. There’s been noticeable volatility in wholesale electricity and gas markets recently. So, we wanted to give a more detailed explanation of what’s been going on. All our electricity comes from renewable generators. But the…

Price is right v3

Keeping our prices right

8 months ago

We’ve reduced our prices five times since last winter. You might have heard about it: when each price drop has happened, we make a lot of noise about it because we think it’s a big part of what makes Bulb different. Yes, you save money. The…

IMG_2432 br

Babies, swimming and Twixes

9 months ago

I became a parent recently and I was genuinely surprised by the extent to which it changed the way I think about climate change. The environment has always been on my radar, obviously. Since back in the day when I was being led through how to…


Brexit, Bulb and You

10 months ago

The dust is beginning to settle on a tumultuous period for the United Kingdom. We want to address Brexit, its potential impact on your energy bill and renewable energy more broadly. Like many, we weren’t expecting the vote to Leave the EU. Despite the result, we’re…

160520 B Corp blog header v2 (filtered)

Bulb is now a B Corp!

11 months ago

We’re incredibly proud to announce that Bulb has become a certified B Corp! Certified B Corps are companies that use the power of business to solve social and environmental challenges and make the world a better place. Not only that, they’ve got a delightful logo you’ll…


Drake and Bulb – A match made in hydro heaven

1 year ago

Our flow’s like Drake’s: reliable, always fresh and independently sourced. When we started Bulb we made some decisions about the type of energy we wanted to supply. We wanted it to be renewable, affordable and sourced from here in the UK. That’s why we’re incredibly proud…

What happens when the wind doesn't blow?

What happens when the wind doesn’t blow?

1 year ago

One of the most common criticisms of renewable energy is that it’s unreliable. If it isn’t sunny, solar can’t produce power. If there is no wind, wind turbines can’t turn. This seems like a fatal flaw, but it’s really just a minor hurdle. Join Bulb in…

green gas is produced from pig muck

Bulb’s green gas is biomethane

1 year ago

It’s 2016. Of course we’re going to be renewable. That’s why 100% of our electricity comes from renewable sources. Green gas is a little more tricky, since almost all of the UK’s gas is natural gas from the North Sea and other non renewable sources. 10%…

oil barrel brms

Fossil fuel subsidies exceed £10.2 BILLION a DAY

1 year ago

The IMF calculated that the world’s governments spent a total of £3.73 trillion in 2015 on fossil fuel subsidies and their impacts. This is an astoundingly large figure, over £7.53 million every minute. To put this into some much needed context, that’s over £492 a year…

Bulb's hydro power comes from run of river plants

Bulb hydro generation TRIPLES in December

1 year ago

December was the wettest month on record in the UK. Ever. Wales, where our hydro plant happens to be, received a staggering 32 cm of rainfall, almost double what it normally gets at the same time of year. If you didn’t know already, we’ve teamed up…