green gas is produced from pig muck

Bulb’s green gas is biomethane

12 months ago

It’s 2016. Of course we’re going to be renewable. That’s why 100% of our electricity comes from renewable sources. Green gas is a little more tricky, since almost all of the UK’s gas is natural gas from the North Sea and other non renewable sources. 10%…

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Fossil fuel subsidies exceed £10.2 BILLION a DAY

12 months ago

The IMF calculated that the world’s governments spent a total of £3.73 trillion in 2015 on fossil fuel subsidies and their impacts. This is an astoundingly large figure, over £7.53 million every minute. To put this into some much needed context, that’s over £492 a year…


Amazing job opportunities to join Bulb right now

1 year ago

We’re building a truly innovative independent energy supply business in the UK. We’re no ordinary business so are looking for extraordinary people for our job roles.   We’re hiring Take a look at our careers page to see everything that we’re hiring for. We’ll update it…